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Daniel Gibbs hands over keys

Daniel Gibbs hands over keys

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Here’s the backstory… Hi! Daniel Gibbs here. When we started Posture Podiatry over 10 years ago, we wanted to provide the best experience for you, our clients, and over the…

So what actually do Podiatrists do?

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By Tom Kolesnik (B.Pod) So what is a Podiatrist? Have you ever wondered how an entire health profession could be dedicated looking after just feet? You might be surprised by…

Can Podiatry Help My Golf Swing?

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Golfers of all ages and levels have one thing in common – they want to play better golf by hitting the ball further and more consistently. And like many sportspeople,…
Older person walking on beach

The Best Shoes for Seniors

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Preventing Falls, Improving Balance Good shoes can give you the grounding you need to help with balance and also help prevent a fall. Every year, more than 1 in 3…
Active Feet with good foot exercises

One Foot Exercise for Happy Feet

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Healthy, Happy Feet There’s one foot exercise you can do that can really help to reveal problems with your feet. Many people will neglect their feet. But in general, athletes,…

Shockwave Therapy at Posture Podiatry

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Shockwave therapy has been used for decades, and while the name might bring up mental images of institutionalised ‘shock treatment’, it’s not that sort of shock. In fact, inside this clever…