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Welcome to the Posture Podiatry Blog, where we regularly update you with helpful information on podiatry including latest news and practical tips for dealing with foot pain and aching legs. We will do our best to provide only helpful advice so you can maintain your full potential and put your best foot forward!

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Fitting Tips For Kids Shoes

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Kids Shoes… Some Fitting Tips What Type of Shoe Is Best? With a multitude of shoes available for your child, it can become overwhelming when deciding what shoe to purchase.…
Heel lift in ASICS running shoes

Shoe Lacing Tips To Make Life Easier

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How Important is Shoe Lacing? Pretty important if you want a really good shoe fit. Shoe laces were originally designed to help support the foot securely in the shoe. Other…
Pink and blue covered orthotics at Posture Podiatry Adelaide

Low Or No Gap Orthotics 2021

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Low Or No Gap Orthotics 2021 Do you qualify for Low Gap or No Gap* orthotics? Most health insurance funds provide a limited degree of coverage for podiatry services and…
Hypermobile lady performing the side splits stretch of both legs

Joint Hypermobility

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What Is Joint Hypermobility? Joint hypermobility is a condition in which the joints of the body are able to move beyond the normal range expected. Basically, it means the joints…