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Podiatrist analysing Morton's Neuroma scan

Morton’s Neuroma

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A 2021 Overview of Morton’s Neuroma What is Morton’s Neuroma? Mortons Neuroma is often termed an “interdigital” neuroma as it is problematic between the toes in the forefoot, most commonly…
Basketball swish after scoring a goal

Basketball And Your Feet

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Basketball and Your Feet Basketball is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports and is especially rough on the foot and ankle. Basketball’s movement variation with running, jumping,…
Three People Hiking Up A Hill

Knee Pain… Are My Feet To Blame?

What Causes Knee Pain? Knee pain causes can be either acute or sudden in their onset. An example of an acute, sudden injury could be a ligamentous tear or cartilage…
Working people pulling on a rope

3 Steps to Fit Feet

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3 Simple Steps To Fit Feet Again Did you know that every time you take a step you have the force of you and 4 other people on your shoulders…