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Welcome to the Posture Podiatry Blog, where we regularly update you with helpful information on podiatry including latest news and practical tips for dealing with foot pain and aching legs. We will do our best to provide only helpful advice so you can maintain your full potential and put your best foot forward!

Our podiatrists are available to present at social and sports clubs, and provide tailored resources for individual, specific needs. Call us, email us or send us a chat message if you’d like to talk further about this!

Shock wave therapy at Posture Podiatry

Shock Wave Therapy at Posture Podiatry

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been used for decades, and while the name might bring up mental images of institutionalised ‘shock treatment’, it’s not that sort of shock. In…
Podiatrists, Will Duncan, Tess Carey and Tom Kolesnik at Posture Podiatry

Thank You From Posture Podiatry

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Thank You For Your Support Two years has passed already since clinic ownership at Posture Podiatry changed hands back in 2019. Wow that went quick! Nothing happens without the support…

Ingrown Toenail

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What is an Ingrown Toenail?  An ingrown toenail can occur when part of the nail (often the edge) penetrates the skin during the normal growth of the nail. This can…
We Are Hiring at Posture Podiatry

We Are Hiring – Podiatry Assistant Wanted

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Podiatry Assistant Wanted  We’re looking for an enthusiastic podiatry assistant/receptionist to engage with clients to ensure their visit is warm and welcoming. The successful applicant will be: Exposed to a…
Step training after achilles tedonitis rehabilitation

Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles Tendonitis (Tendinitis) Achilles tendonitis is described as inflammation of the Achilles tendon, or pathology of the Achilles tendon. It is the large tendon at the back of the lower…
Podiatrist analysing Morton's Neuroma scan

Morton’s Neuroma

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A 2021 Overview of Morton’s Neuroma What is Morton’s Neuroma? Mortons Neuroma is often termed an “interdigital” neuroma as it is problematic between the toes in the forefoot, most commonly…