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Ingrown Toenail

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What is an Ingrown Toenail?  Ingrown toenails occur when part of the nail (often the edge) penetrates the skin. This can be due to trauma, poor nail cutting technique or…
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Posture Podiatry Is Still Open

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Posture Podiatry Is Still OPEN COVID-19 Update The safety and well-being of all our clients and staff is always our greatest priority at Posture Podiatry. Just recently, the Prime Minister,…
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Tess Carey Is Now Available More Often

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Tess Carey Increases Availability Adelaide Podiatrist, Tess Carey, has recently increased her consulting times at Posture Podiatry which means she’s now available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Tess…
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Knee Pain… Are My Feet To Blame?

What Causes Knee Pain? Knee pain causes can be either acute or sudden in their onset. An example of an acute, sudden injury could be a ligamentous tear or cartilage…

Posture Podiatry Christmas Clinic Hours

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Our Christmas Clinic Hours Posture Podiatry will be closing over the Christmas/New Year period for a brief time. Please find details of our Christmas clinic hours below for 2019/2020. Thank…