Tom Kolesnik


B.Pod, Member of the Australian Podiatry Association

Introducing Tom Kolesnik…

Tom Kolesnik is an experienced Adelaide Podiatrist with a background in sports including football and running. Tom has a special interest in postural assessment, gait analysis, functional biomechanics and ultimately enjoys helping people of all ages to move well and feel great.

Tom enjoys working with people who have foot problems, leg pain and postural complaints that are preventing them from achieving a specific goal, and will stop at nothing until that goal is reached.

His tenacity comes from his own personal sporting journey as a runner, which has seen him conquer marathons in Paris, Amsterdam and Athens, and also leading his London AFL footy team to premiership glory while on a two year period of work in the UK.

Tom is a believer in the power of thorough assessment and hands on treatment, and uses manual therapy techniques including foot mobilisation, dry needling, muscle strengthening along with various other treatment modalities to help the body heal itself for effective pain relief.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys football, running, staying active and spending time with friends and family.

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