Problem Feet?

What is podiatry all about?

Podiatry is the health profession dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Your feet are the foundation for your posture.
Have you ever had one of those injuries that just never gets better? It may be ankles, knees, hips or recurring back pain. You may have injured yourself years ago, and the area has just never healed properly.

• Foot Pain • Plantar Fasciitis • Heel Pain • Sports Injuries • Severs disease in children • Shin pain or Shin Splints •

It’s simple. Muscles protect joints, and the more they are protecting, the less they are able to function properly.

Joints become restricted in many ways – through injury, overuse, or underuse. By freeing up the acquired restrictions in the joints and resulting trigger points in the muscle, the podiatrists at Posture Podiatry can provide a functional solution to your pain… fast.

Before introducing orthotics, the podiatrists at Posture Podiatry can investigate your body’s ability to fix itself first.

Your body knows how to heal itself, at Posture Podiatry we allow it to happen!

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