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Why Choose Posture Podiatry Adelaide Services?

Here at Posture Podiatry in Adelaide, we are committed to giving you the most advanced and up to date treatment for a variety of foot and foot-related conditions.

Our podiatrists are all experienced and board registered. We are committed to ensuring your treatment is individualised, specific and effective.

Adelaide Podiatrists at Posture Podiatry in Hackney, South Australia.

Our Posture Podiatry Services Guarantee…

With our team of 5 Podiatrists and over 50 years of combined clinical experience, we’re 100% confident our service is the best available. That said, we offer you this absolute guarantee…

If for any reason you are unhappy with your consultation, we will offer you a second opinion GAP FREE. You will not be charged any ‘out of pocket expense’ for a second opinion.

Posture Podiatry truly cares about getting the best possible outcome for our clients. We work closely with many other health care professionals so if we can’t get you the best result possible, we’ll do our best to help you get the care you need.

Scroll down to find out more about the services our podiatrists provide here at Posture Podiatry.

Heel Pain

If you wake up in the morning limping and your heels are painful, or if you get painful heels with prolonged periods of standing, you may have a condition known as plantar fasciitis (also known as plantar fasciosis or plantar fasciopathy)

Sever’s Disease is another common type of heel pain in children. We see this foot problem in active children between the ages of 8 and 15 years. If your child or grandchild limps off the sports court or football field, we can help!

Sports Injuries

Recurring Sports Injuries can highlight an inability for your body to compensate effectively for your level of activity.

The podiatrists at Posture Podiatry are trusted by some of Australia’s top athletes to keep them injury-free during their training and competition seasons.

Chronic Pain

The problem with chronic pain is it is so easy to become accustomed to it. There are many people who live with pain unnecessarily. At first it may be agonising, but after a while your body will work out ways to avoid it. You become accustomed to your limp, your inability to perform certain tasks and the chronic pain slowly robs you of your life.


Shin Splints

Did you know not all shin pain is actually “Shin Splints”?

Shin splints are tiny stress fractures along the shin bone often at the lower inside portion of the shin bone where the stress on the shin bone is at its greatest.

There are, however, other forms of shin pain, each with different causes, and each responding to different treatments.

Shin pain treatment at Posture Podiatry

Orthotic Therapy

Orthoses (or “Orthotics”) are shoe inserts that a provide support and stability for when you are on your feet. They can encourage healthy movement and better efficiency which helps with fatigue and chronic overuse.

Podiatrist providing a custom orthotic fitting

Foot & Nail Care

How true it is that a small stone in your shoe can stop you in your tracks. So too can a corn or painful callus prevent you from enjoying life.

Skin is clever. It is it able to protect itself where there are high areas of pressure by gradually getting thicker.

Mobilisation & Manipulation

Mobilisation and Manipulation therapy has been performed by allied health practitioners for decades.

Foot mobilisation can be essential for improving function and relieving foot and leg pain.

tom kolesnik mobilising the foot and ankle

Special Care for Children

“We know some problems run in the family…”

Many childhood problems are hereditary in nature. Considering this, you may like to take advantage of an initial screening assessment for your child to detect any concerns that may need to be addressed.

Posture Podiatry Special Care for Children

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is the technique of releasing myofascial triggers with fine acupuncture needles that work locally and directly.

This technique has been used for centuries to relieve tension in overworked muscles, and to improve the quality of muscle tissue.

Dry needling the calf muscle at Posture Podiatry Adelaide

Posture Analysis

At Posture Podiatry, we think it is important to consider your entire posture when we talk about your feet. Just as your feet can affect your posture, so your posture can affect your feet.

Footwear Advice

It is important to wear shoes that are not only appropriate and comfortable, but look good as well.

The podiatrists at Posture Podiatry have each spent time either working or volunteering at local shoe stores in order to stay up to date with latest shoe trends.

An assortment of running shoes at The Running Shoe Company


The term ‘Chiropody’ started in the United Kingdom, and is still used commonly as a matter of personal choice.

In Australia the term ‘Chiropodist’ was replaced by ‘Podiatrist’ as state based registration boards changed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. As of 2011 Australian Podiatrists are registered nationally under the Podiatry Board of Australia.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails often occur then the sharp corner or edge of a nail punctures the skin along the nail edge. Let’s face it; it’s not exactly the cleanest or most hygienic part of our body, so infection can easily set in. As the nail continues to grow and the infection becomes worse the painful ingrown toenail develops.

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